REF: 222TL800A

This product is ideal for cutting light metals and aluminum. It allows to obtain great results in the cuts due to its high quality 800Ø widia saw.

A safe and easy-to-use model thanks to the 2 vertical and 2 horizontal pneumatic clamps with a double pressure clamp security system. In addition, it has regulation of the cutting speed, a three-phase motor with self-braking, automatic protection screen (opening/closing), digital degrees and a drawer collects chips. 

It has a twist from -22.5º to +157.5º along with a turret that can be moved up to an additional 205 mm, which allows for greater cutting capacity.



  • Laser cutting guide line.



  • Model: TL-800-A
  • Motor power: 7.5 kW (10 Hp)
  • Ø disc: 800mm
  • Ø disc axis: 50 mm 
  • Disc speed: 3,000rpm
  • Safety screen: Polycarbonate
  • Max. cutting: 280 mm
  • Dimensions: 1400 x 1350 x 1735 mm
  • Cutting capacity 90º cylinder: 280mm
  • Cutting capacity 45º cylinder: 265mm
  • Cutting capacity 90º square: 240mm
  • Cutting capacity 45º square: 205mm
  • Cutting capacity 90º rectangle: 340 x 150 mm
  • Cutting capacity 45º rectangle: 270 x 100 mm
  • Type of lubrication: Automatic (air/oil) LUBETOOLS microspray.
  • Weight: 640kg


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