REF: 326097304

This automatic saw is perfect for cutting automatically (at 45°) and semi-automatically (at 60°) solids, tubes or profiles. The objective of this model is to improve the optimization and safety of work. Its rigid cast iron arch with a tubular section offers high resistance to tension and vibrations. It incorporates a case-hardened and hardened worm gear motor with an ultra-resistant bronze alloy crown. 


The control panel 7" touchscreen is easy to use and has 99 cutting programs and 10 different cutting lengths on the The operational functions of the machine that you can modify are: adjustment of the thickness of the band, number of repetitions, pieces to be cut, speed of the band and self-diagnosis.


The feeder is faulty. integrated with hardened and chromed bars actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. It offers the possibility of automatic repetition of the cutting process even if the profiles are not straight. The material detection device immediately approaches the material and ends the task with a microswitch. Includes a nylon fiber cleaning brush to remove debris produced during use. 


The software Industry 4.9. SAW allows you to create and modify cutting programs on your PC and send them directly to the band saw. The SAWfactory web app offers access from any device to the operating parameters of the machine, allowing the download of work and production data to monitor the operation of the machine.< /p>


 Cutting capacity 45° 60°
 Cylinder 255mm 210mm 135mm
 Square 230mm 190mm 110mm
 Rectangle 300 x 180mm 200 x 160mm 130 x 100mm
 Crop to 0º beams  Max. 250 x 130mm / Min 85 x 10mm
 Crop to 0º per piece  180mm



  • Model: CUBE 300 NC FLAT
  • Motor power: 1.5 kW
  • Blade speed: 18 - 110 m/min
  • Belt tension: 1700 kg/cm²
  • Working height: 870 mm
  • Cut angle: 0º at 60º
  • Blade inclination: -
  • Blade dimensions: 2765 x 27 x 0.9 mm
  • Dimensions: 1800 x 1950 x 1830 mm
  • Weight: 800kg


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